Monday, December 21, 2009

Bengals Notes

-This week against the Chiefs is a must win scenario for the Bengals. Their playoff chances are in their hands, win and your in. You now have only two chances left the Chiefs and home and the Jets on the road. The Cardiac Cats need to at once make things easy on themselves and take care of business against Kansas City. We are the heavy favorite in this game and should be able to make easy work of the Chiefs. But Cincinnati has a history this year of playing down to their competition. So I hope that does not happen.

- I don't think Chad Ochocinco had any "antics" yesterday in San Diego. Some say his tears were all for show. I disagree completely with that statement. All indications were that Ochocinco and Henry were close friends and I think Chad acted as a friend. Chad is an emotional guy and those emotions came out on Sunday.

- While I agree with most things Mike Zimmer does I just don't agree with blitzing Rivers on that last pass. Sure putting heat on Rivers could cause him to make a mistake, but the heat didn't come hot enough and Rivers was able to find a seam over a lineman who dropped back in coverage. That one back fired.

- How big will Sunday's game be for Larry Johnson? Cedric will still get the most carries for the Bengals but I can see Marvin giving LJ a shot a redemption. Look what it did for Benson. When Benson had the opportunity to show up his former employer he rushed for 189 yards and a TD. I look for LJ to have a big day.

- What a huge step up for Quan Cosby. Cosby had not caught a ball all year and comes into a very rowdy San Diego crowd and catches 3 for 47 yards. I know at least two were on third down.

- Andre Caldwell cost us the win again. Sorry kids, he did. The Bengals were rolling and if Caldwell doesn't cough that ball up we could still grind out first downs and grind down that clock. Caldwell has been big all year, but now has two big blunders on his record.

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