Friday, December 4, 2009

Reds Announcing Team

The Reds announced this week that longtime TV play by play man George Grande is being replaced. Thom Brenemann is taking over the TV gig. He will occassionally be covered by Jim Kelch, voice of the Louisville Bats, when Brenemann has FOX work. Grande and Chris Welsh have worked on the TV side together since 1993. Jeff Brantley, Marty Brenemann and Jim Kelch and on occassion Thom Brenemann will split time on the radio.

I think the writing was probably on the wall for George last year. The Reds obviously wanted to see how Chris Welsh and Thom Brenemann worked together and apparently liked what they saw.

George Grande is known throughout baseball as a nice guy but he always lacked a certain flair. We heard a lot of conversations about Jessie Jackson (Reds producer) and his mom. We heard a lot about Marty's grandkids or Chris's daugthers or what a great guy Ron Kittle was. Alot of times, we didn't hear a lot about baseball. And if we did, we didn't get the real story. He was too nice to be critical when the game called for it. I think it will be a refreshing change.

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