Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fire Mick Cronin

2009 Big East Men's Basketball Championship in New York
Sorry Bearcat fans, if you want to be a basketball contender again and if you want to compete in the Big East, you must fire Mick Cronin. After losing a battle in the crosstown shootout on Sunday the pussycats traveled down to UAB where they were smacked by the Blazers 64-47. That takes Cronin's record on the road to 7-29 (.241) You cannot be a Big East coach and have that poor of a road record. Cronin, who is in his fourth season as Bearcats head coach is only 4-14 against ranked opponents, 18-34 against the Big East, and 0-1 in the Big East Tournament.

I just don't think that Cronin is a Big East coach. Any thoughts?


redleg2420 said...

This is his first decent team on paper. Lets not jump the gun here!

SHU said...

He has all the talent in the world to have his best season ever. A one and done in Stephenson, a big in Yancy Gates, and his leading returning player in Deonta Vaughn, not to mention a couple others in the supporting cast that aren't too shabby. If UC for some reason, which I don't think will happen, doesn't make the big dance this year, Mick has to go. I could coach the Bearcats and get them into the big dance with that talent.

Adam said...

This post was linked by a local blog saying this was a ridiculous overreaction. I wish he would have read the post. I am not a UC fan, and it was not a knee jerk reaction to a loss at UAB. I was presenting some facts on Cronin and my opinion. I think you will see in the end that the dude just can't get it done. Period.

Ian said...

Cronin sucks, I go to UC and no one here likes him, players are even starting to walk out of practives on him. It's time to start anew and get rid of him.