Monday, December 14, 2009

Stats of the Day

Did you know?

(1) The Cincinnati Bengals are now 9-4 and the 9 wins have come against teams that are a combined 46-71. The only teams the Bengals have beat with winning records are the Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Ravens, both of which are fighting to get a spot in the playoffs.

(2) The Xavier Musketeers have now won all 4 Crosstown Shootouts at the Cintas Center and are also 10-4 in the Shootout since the 1996-97 season.

(3) The Cincinnati Bearcats are 7-28 in road games under Cronin. That's just not getting it done.


Adam said...

I added that last stat, I saw that today and thought that was interesting.

Matt said...

Xavier has owned way around that.... by the way, that last stat looks like a UC free throw line not a W-L record