Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bengals News and Notes

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
* The magic number is 3, if the Bengals can win 3 more games they will lock up the AFC North Division Title. I am not concerned with what any other teams are doing or even at this point concerned about a first round playoff bye (which is still a possibility) We need three games. Period. With the remaining schedule being Detroit, @ Minnesota, @ San Diego, Kansas City, and @ New York Jets. If you look at that remaining schedule you have to find three wins, I can see three easy wins there. But I also counted Oakland as an easy win.
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals

* I am still not sure how this whole Bengals running back situation will pan out. I do know that we should be able to run on any team in the NFL right now with this group. But will a possible rift between Benson and Johnson tear this team apart? I don't know. If we were losing I would say yes, but winning cures everything. It is not time for either guy to get an attitude they were both tossed to the trash heap. Benson is getting the start this week and he should, its his job for now. But don't be shocked to see Johnson get a fair share of carries against Detroit.

Rutgers v Cincinnati
* The Bengals signed Mike Mickens to the practice squad. The star cornerback out of the University of Cincinnati was drafted by the Cowboys and signed to their practice squad. From there is was signed by Tampa Bay to their 53 man roster but was inactive for three games. To make room for Mickens the Bengals released CB Antonio Smith out of Ohio State. Smith was only with the team for a week.

* Who has been the star of the team so far for me this season? The offensive line. The offensive line for this team has been very strong despite being one of the major concerns of the preseason. Kyle Cook as stepped into a huge role at center and has finally replaced a void that was left by Rich Braham nearly four years ago. With the addition of Andre Smith this line should only get better. The unsung hero's of the NFL are the offensive line. I am one of those strange football fans who spend a great deal of time watching the line, and we have been solid.

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins
* Speaking of offensive line it pains me a great deal to see Andre Smith wearing #71. The Bengals #71 should be retired for Willie Anderson. It is very strange to see another Bengal in that number. If Smith wants to wear it he will have big shoes to fill. I have tackled this on there before but the Bengals need to honor their past players. Anderson obviously feels the lack of love from the Bengals. I read this tweet from him last week that was interesting. @WillAnderson79 "Congrats to Scott Studwell being placed on Vikings Ring of Honor. I remember him. Players lucky to be on team that does that"

* Who can step up for this team to be a deep threat? With losing Henry there is no one on this team who can stretch the field. Chad Ochocino has been facing a lot of double coverage. Caldwell and Coles are essentially the same receiver being a possession receiver who works best in the slot. Purify is a big body but doesn't seem to have the skills. And Jerome Simpson is terrible. Where does that leave us? I really don't know.

USC v Notre Dame
* Would anyone else really love to see Charlie Weis as the Bengals offensive coordinator? I have said for a long time I don't like Bob Bratkowski and I still don't like Bob Bratkowski. I have been watching his offense for years and it is just a little too conservative for my taste. Weis would be a huge pickup for the staff. Don't hold your breath though, just a thought!

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