Wednesday, December 2, 2009


With the news of Tiger Woods surfacing lets take a look at some noteable sports celebrities who have been caught with their pants down!

Tiger Woods
California v Stanford

The bizarre "car accident" is what finally brought this whole ugly situation into the limelight for Tiger. The previously unblemished golden child of golf has just today admitted his "transgressions" after reports of a 31-month affair with a Los Angeles cocktail waitress.

Rick Pitino
Morgan State v Louisville

Old Slick Rick finally got busted in 2009 when he had to involve the FBI because Karen Sypher was trying to extort money from Pitino. Rick confirmed that he had sex with the woman at Porcini's restraunt in Louisville. Sypher allegedly had an abortion in Cincinnati shortly after the affair. Despite having a morality clause in his contract Pitino remained the head coach at Louisville.

Kobe Bryant
Jury Selection In Kobe Bryant Trial Continues

In the summer of 2003 Bryant was arrested for sexual assualt of a woman in Eagle, Colorado. The woman involved had indicated that Bryant raped her but Bryant later confessed to having a sexual encounter with the woman. The charges would later be dropped against Bryant but the encounter brought Bryant's indescrestion to the public.

The Love Boat
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons

In 2005 seventeen key members of the Minnesota Vikings football team; including quarterback Daunte Culpepper, Fred Smoot, Mewelde Moore, Pat Williams, Bryant McKinnie, Nate Burleson, Ralph Brown, Troy Williamson, Travis Taylor, Kevin Williams, Jermaine Wiggins, Lance Johnstone, Moe Williams, Ken Irvin, and Willie Offord were accused of having a sex party with prostitutes in two boats on Lake Minnetonka. I am not sure as to how many were married but apparently there was some crazy stuff on that boat.

Steve Phillips

In September of 2009 the former Mets general manager and current ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips admitting to having an affair with a 22 year old production assistant. Based on his choice in women Phillips was engaging in what my fraternity brothers would call "hogging." After Phillips attempted to break off the relationship the woman began harrasing his family which brought this story to the public.

Alex Rodriguez
Tickertape parade held in honor of New York Yankees' World Series win in New York

In 2004 a Boston area stripper reported to the tabloids that she and Rodriguez had consensual sex on more than one occasion when Rodriguez was in town to play the Red Sox. In 2007 the New York Post spotted Alex with another exotic dancer this time in Toronoto. The Daily News then reported that A-Rod had used the services of a high end call girl service. These events all eventually led to his wife filing for divorce in 2008.

Charles Barkley
Robert Guerrero v Orlando Salido

On December 31, 2008, Barkley was pulled over and charged with a DUI after running a stop sign in Scottsdale, Arizona. Barkley admitted to drinking and advised officers that he was un a hurry to recieve oral sex from his female passenger which caused him to run a stop sign. Barkley, a TNT analyst, was suspended from duty for two months but later returned to TNT where he still works today.

Frank Gifford
The Gifford Family Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of Cassidy's Place

In 1997 Frank Gifford was discovered to have had an affair with a Trans World Airlines flight attendant. Apparently the whole situation was set up by a tabloid but Gifford dropped the charges against them and allegedly admitted previous trangressions to his wife, Kathie Lee Gifford.


Matt said...

You can add Steve Phillips to that list as well

Adam said...


redleg2420 said...

I don't think I ever knew the Barkley story. That is awesome!

SHU said...

One of the most celebrated baseball players of all time was a drunk and a womanizer... Babe Ruth... yet he was celebrated and the media never covered this. Why does the media make a mockery of sports celebrities when they do something wrong nowadays.... because they have nothing else to report on..... how about you talk about how we're sending more troops over to Iraq rather than Tiger's personal life. ESPN especially needs to stop making huge stories and drag them out for a month with things like these, (different scenarios) Mike Vick, Brett Favre, etc.

Adam said...

Whoa Shu, getting political here huh? Don't worry everyone will forget about Tiger as soon as he wins another tournament. Look at everyone on this list (with the exception of Steve Phillips) they have all rebounded and no one talks about it anymore. The 24 hour "news" cycle does have something to do with it.