Friday, December 18, 2009

Bobby Knight takes shot at Calipari

Gonzaga v Texas Tech
The General apparently doesn't like what is going on in College Basketball these days and has taken particular exception to Kentucky coach John Calipari. During a fundraiser for the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, Knight made the following statement.

"We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching. You see we’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that.”

Okay Mr. Knight. You are right this game is lacking integrity, while we are at it lets discuss a few integrity issues like the following instances:

- In 1983, Knight threw a chair across the court to protest a call during a game against Purdue. Unfortunately coaches today do not show this same type of integrity while roaming the sidelines.

- In 1994 Bobby Knight headbutted Sherron Wilkerson after pulling Wilkerson from the game for making a mistake. Maybe thats what Calipari needs to do, next time Cousins misses a free throw pull him off to the sidelines and just give him a good shot to the face.

- During a 1997 practice Bobby Knight choked IU player Neil Reed. Perhaps this is what John Wall needs to stop turning the ball over.

- In September 2000, Knight grabbed IU freshman Kent Harvey and demanded that Harvey show "respect" after Harvey greeted the coach by saying "Hey Knight." I wish Calipari would have done this during his visit to students camping out for Big Blue Madness tickets.


Madison said...

While I completely agree with you on the fact that Bob Knight has NO room to talk on integrity(it's like Pitino talking about staying faithful!), I must say that the incidents listed are MUCH differnent then Calipari's problems.
Yes, Knight abused both referees and players emotionally and sometimes physically, which are obviously both very bad and inexcusable. Bob Knight operates on emotion and control..I don't look at this as a integrity issue, per say. I see it as a behavioral, psychological imbalance issue.
Calipari on the other hand has deliberately, and on numerous occasions, broken NCAA rules regarding recruitment, eligibility, and clearinghouse standards. Look at the Dozier example. He basically played an entire season with an inelligible player. He's also colluded with known agents in the AAU system to channel talented prospects to his programs. And he's done these things not once, not twice, but at all THREE programs he's been involved with. How else do you explain having TWO Final Fours erased from existence? I don't think Knights actions are worse or better than Caliparis... just DIFFERENT. One cheats and the other abuses. Pick your poison. YIKES!

SHU said...

You stole the words from my mouth Madison. Bob Knight is the Lou Piniella of college basketball. Calipari breaks the rules for getting the kids into schools and Knight is a complete head case who shows his true emotions sometimes way too much on and off the court.