Wednesday, September 15, 2010

News and Notes

* Reggie Bush gave back his Heisman. I get that the comparison for Bush and Simpson that I made in a previous post are two different scenarios. But goes back to one of the things I hate about the NCAA. Looking back at Bush they will just say that Reggie Bush never existed and he was not the best player in the NCAA during his run a USC because he accepted cash. It like when the NCAA says that Memphis did not make the National Title game because Derrick Rose did not take his own SAT. I am pretty sure I saw Reggie Bush dominate people and pretty sure Memphis barely lost to Kansas. But whatever. NCAA system is flawed but I don't know how to fix it.

* The Reds are going to make the playoffs. One more time....The Reds are going to make the playoffs. I sheepishly predicted that in my MLB predictions post but that is because I am homer and I always pick my local teams. Did I expect this team to do it this year? Not really. But I think people who follow this team closely know that the Reds have a good deal of young talent. And we are talking REAL talent not Jim Bowden talent. But I still think this team has some inconsistencies and I am not expecting them to make the World Series. But anything can happen in October.

* Week 1 for the Bengals was pretty much a disaster. I began to write a re-cap of the game and just could not bring myself to finish it. I can't think of one thing they did good in the first half of that game and by the beginning of the second half the game was over. Sure the offense picked up a lot of yards and point in the second half but New England was completely in cruise control. I still think this Bengals team is good and definitely a playoff contender. They will figure it out. There are too many weapons on this team for them not to. This week is a great test with Baltimore.

* The University of Kentucky is already in the middle of a player eligibility situation that frankly has me worried. Reporters in Alabama have been digging up a story regarding Eric Bledsoe's grades in high school. Apparently there are some big changes in his grades from Junior to Senior year. Which if the kid knew he had a chance to play DI and subsequently go the NBA there is serious incentive to work hard. But I am also not naive and know there there is corruption at every corner of the NCAA. I don't know how this situation will end, but I really believe that when you deal with these blue chip kids there is only trouble to follow. Just how the system works. Quite a shame.

* Notre Dame has gotten off to an interesting start to the season. Back to back losses to Michigan is tough to swallow and the Irish were pretty much single handedly beaten by Denard Robinson who gained over 500 yards by himself! But they were without Dayne Crist for most of the first half after suffering from a head injury in the first quarter. I think Notre Dame will figure it all out by season's end and be just fine under BK.

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Wojo said...

I'm optimistic that we'll see an improved Bengals this Sunday. Lately, we've been playing the Ravens really well and I think we'll matchup nicely against them once again. We may have a passing game this year and that does not bode well for a a Ed Reed-less Baltimore secondary. It will all depend on the Bengals offense line to keep Carson upright that will determine how well our offense does.

It also sounds like Zimmer tried to get too cute in the NE game and will once again simplify his system. I think Baltimore has their best offense in years, but they're not the Saints by any means.

I can't believe we're talking about Reds in the playoffs right now. I have to agree that I'm not optimistic about making the World Series given our trouble against good starting pitching, but hey, I didn't think we'd be in the playoffs either.