Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thoughts on the Reds...

*I love that this city is getting behind the Reds. Cincinnati is electric right now. With a recent string of success for the Bengals, and now a 7 game division lead in September I don't think Cincinnati fans know how to deal with this! Cincinnati has been mired in mediocrity for years, and where outsiders would say we are still nothing more than mediocre. I don't care, Cincinnati is in the drivers seat to make the playoffs for the first time in 15 years and I am going to enjoy it!

* What a night last night for the Reds and rookie phenom Aroldis Chapman. The whole stadium waited in anticipation for Dusty Baker to call on the kid, and once the Reds built a comfortable 5 run lead Baker called on "The Cuban Missle" to pitch in the eighth. I almost felt bad for Jonathan Lucroy last night. He was the Brewers first victim of Chapman. Aroldis hit him with a fastball and then a nasty slider. Three more fastballs and Lucroy was out. What an atmosphere!

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Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed watching these guys try to swing at his slider and fastball... they looked so awkward, especially if they made contact. LOVE IT. and sorry I didn't drop your pics off Adam, I was at the game :) nor I or Clint could stand to miss Chapman's debut.