Thursday, September 16, 2010

News of the Day

*Homer Bailey is blaming his performance last night on dizziness so hopefully this is not a sign of him breaking down. Chris Welsh commented a few times on the broadcast last night that Bailey was only getting his fastball between 88-90.

* Francisco Cordero owes Jay Bruce a Jeff Ruby Steak. Bruce saved the game last night for Cordero who looked like he was going to blow yet another save. After a good stretch for Cordero he seems to be back in that bad place. The timing couldn't be worse. The good news if Cordero can't get it done in the playoffs we always have Chapman to turn to.

MVP Watch

Joey Votto
.320 / 34 HR / 104 RBI

Carlos Gonzalez
.341 / 32 HR / 106 RBI

Albert Pujols
.307 / 39 HR / 104 RBI

To me it is not really a two man race between Joey Votto and Carlos Gonzalez. Traditionally the award will go to a player who has led their team to the playoffs. The Reds are a lock for the playoffs and the Rockies are in the middle of a hunt for the NL West. Gonzalez's numbers are pretty impressive considering his age and I think he may be the early favorite for the award.

* Looks like there is some serious regret in the decision TJ Houshmandzadeh made last year to move to Seattle. In a phone interview with local reporters Housh said, "I just didn't think it through thoroughly like I should have. I tell people now if you have a chance to stay with your team and the offers are anywhere close, stay."

* The media is continuing to be all over Marvin about Chad Ochocino and his use of Twitter. Give it up! It is not a distraction for Chad. His production has been up last year and so far he is off to a great start. I am tired of the media trying to portray the athlete as being someone who has to focus their entire life to the game and have no outside interests. Twitter has given the opportunity for fans to get an inside glimpse of the players as humans, not just athletes.

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