Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is my confession...

Okay, anyone who has spent a good deal of time around me knows that I love sports and more specifically I love American sports. ('Cause America is the greatest ) But that is starting to change and like another significant change in my life that occurred when I was 12 I am not sure what I think about it.

Thanks to the badass graphics, smooth gameplay, and overall awesomeness of FIFA for Playstation 3 I have started to become a fan of soccer. It all happened very innocently. I was on vacation in Florida with my wife's family. There were a bunch of guys on the trip and on rainy days we would play PS3 and my bro-in-law pulled out FIFA. It was on from there. I began to start to figure out the strategy of the game and how to score. (I also figured out you can just cherry pick run out for a goal or you are offsides, stupid rule, if you could do that games would be like 15-10)

So after playing a lot of matches of FIFA I started to notice that I have the Fox Soccer channel on my cable package and started watching English Premier League Soccer on Saturday mornings. It has been rather enjoyable. I have been DVR'ing the games and watching them when I get a chance. This is great because I never see the scores on SportsCenter or randomly on my sports sites because no one follows the Premier League in the States. Plus the games are on early Saturday morning when TV is typically terrible.

I think my problem has been I have been subjected to the horrendous Soccer in the United States and the MLS. English Premier League is great, I really like the fanaticism shown by the fans and the history behind it. The atmosphere is awesome. I still think the game can be a little slow but it is a lot like hockey, when there is a chance for a goal or a goal the excitement level increases significantly. I am not going to say that Soccer is my favorite sport or be a huge poser, I just wanted to let my NKYSportsWorlders know that I have a new appreciation for the sport. I will expand on this in the future this was just my confession to the world.


Wojo said...

I applaud this newfound appreciation for soccer. Indeed, the lack of access to quality soccer has hurt the sport in the United States and if more people were exposed to exciting games, we would have a bigger following.

Although I am not high on MLS, as with Adam, I did go to my first Columbus Crew game last night. Though the fanaticism does not rival that of other nations, the fan base really took the game to a new level. The beats of drums and roar of chants filled the stadium with an energy I've never felt at any other American sport. The Crew lost 4-0 and by sport standards the game was hard to take as a fan, but it was unable to depress the spirits of the crowd. If it was a Reds game, the stadium would have been empty by the 5th inning.

If anyone wants to catch a Crew game, let me know because I would love to go back up.

Also, if you didn't catch the Manchester United - Liverpool game this morning, check out the highlights on YouTube when they are loaded. The 2nd Berbatov goal is spectacular (bicycle shot from the top of the box).

Wojo said...

Berbatov's 2nd goal. Brilliant.