Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are the Champions!!!!!

Wow! What an energy last night at Great American Ballpark. I have been a Reds fan my entire life and I have never been to a Reds game like that. What an amazing feeling as a fan to watch your team clinch the National League Central Division Championship. For so many years I have had to watch other teams celebrate in the locker room, other fans cheering their winners, but not this year. This year it is our turn! This year the Reds are Champions!

At times last night the energy in the crowd was nervous energy. There was a mixture of watching on the field and watching the scoreboard. We all saw Pittsburgh take an early lead on St. Louis but no one in the stands, and I suspect in the dugout, wanted to become the Champions in that way. We all wanted to do it on our field. And with one swing of the bat in the bottom of the ninth inning Jay Bruce brought it home!

How do you react to a Division Championship? I don't know? I was 11 last time the Reds were in the playoffs. While I was a huge fan at the time I didn't have the same everyday following like I do now. But it is really hard for me to fathom the fact that people around the country are going to be watching my Cincinnati Reds in the playoffs. Fans from Milwaukee, Kansas City, Arizona, Detroit, and Seattle will be watching our Reds and wishing they were in the post-season.

I have decided that I am going to be an optimist here. No one predicted the Reds would win their Division so they are playing with house money. Why can't it be us? Why can't we be the ones who go out and shock the world and win it all? Remember those Marlins teams that did it with young talent? That could be us. Now lets go do it Redlegs. Our 2010 NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL CHAMPIONS!

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