Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playoff Matchups

Here are the teams we could potentially see in the playoffs and our record against them in the regular season.

Atlanta Braves
2-3 (.400)
24 runs scored
24 runs allowed

Philadelphia Phillies
2-5 (.286)
27 runs scored
30 runs allowed

San Diego Padres
2-4 (.333)
27 runs scored
29 runs allowed

San Francisco Giants
3-4 (.429)
37 runs scored
56 runs allowed


redleg2420 said...

For the most part, we played those teams close. On paper...our starting pitching does not match up well with any of those teams. But, Bronson, Cueto, Wood and Volquez have all been brilliant at times. And our lineup and defense can match up against anyone. Anything can happen once you're in the playoffs. See the Colorado Rockies, Florida Marlins, and 85 win St. Louis Cardinals from just recent years. Oh yeah, and the 1990 Reds kind of shocked the world.

I hope this city, for once, can be optimistic!

Wojo said...

It looks like we'll be playing Philly. They look pretty darn tough, I must admit. However, we've played them really well this year and we might be able to beat them in a short series. For some reason we've stayed on top of Roy "Reds Killer" Oswalt this year. Also, didn't we beat Roy Halladay this year? I could look it up to double check, but I'm short on time. That's 2 wins right there!