Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random rumblings

* Carson Palmer is not an elite Quarterback. That is the first step in my Bengals Fan confessions. I have for many years held out that Carson is an Elite Quarterback in the NFL but things have just not gone his way. I have said to myself and friends, "he is just still timid from the Knee injury, he will be fine." But guess what, the Knee injury happened in 2005! He has also dealt with the shoulder injury from 2008. But there are other QB's in the league who have dealt with injury and just brushed it off. The injury excuse for Palmer is over. This team has given him all of the weapons they can now it is time for Palmer to step his game up. I love the guy "that's my quarterback" But if this team is going to succeed they need Palmer to make the throws that he has continually been missing. To his credit, I don't think this offensive line is a strong of a pass blocking line than people will say, Palmer has been getting the ball out fast but under a decent amount of pressure.

* The Reds magic number is down to 3 games. Last night was a train wreck for sure. Cueto gives up 8 runs in 1 1/3 innings and Harang comes in to give up 2 more before leaving after being drilled by a line drive. (I seriously thought the ball broke his leg, that sounded nasty!) But last night was kind of a blessing to me. Dusty was able to play some guys that have not been on the field in a while and give some rest to our studs. The Cardinals continued their streak against the Pirates and got drilled so we lowered the magic number by one game. The playoffs can be wrapped up this weekend in San Diego. (Did I just say that?)

* Kentucky football has their first big test of the season this weekend when they play Florida in Gainesville. This is not last years Florida team for sure but they are still a strong opponent with some weak spots. Mike Hartline has been phenomenal so far this season and they will need him to be very good to beat Florida.

* We are still waiting for the official report out of Alabama regarding the grades of Eric Bledsoe. There are a couple of issues at hand but if it is revealed that Bledsoes grades were tampered with in any way I am sure he would be retroactively ruled ineligible and Kentucky would have to vacate their season. Stay tuned.

* Louisville recruit Tony Wroten Jr. tweeted last night that he had a good visit with "Coach Patino," now that is funny!

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