Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who is responsible for this team?

A few of us NKYSportsWorlders last night at the Reds game were having the discussion of who was responsible for this team. We had a consensus that Jim Bowden had absolutely NOTHING to do with the current Reds success but spoke a lot about O'Brien, Krivsky, and Jocketty. Then today on Lance McCallisters blog at he posted the following which is pretty interesting.

How the Reds were built
(The General Manager that acquired each of the players on the Reds roster.)
Jim Bowden (2)
Joey Votto, draft, 2nd round, 2002
Ryan Hanigan, non-drafted free agent, 2002
Dan O'Brien (6)
Homer Bailey, draft, 1st round, 2004
Paul Janish, draft, 5th round, 2004
Jay Bruce, draft, 1st round, 2005
Travis Wood, draft, 4th round, 2005
Logan Ondrusek, draft, 13th round, 2005
Johnny Cueto, non-drafted free agent, 2004
Brad Kuhlman, interim GM (1)
Aaron Harang, trade, 2003
Wayne Krivsky (8)
Drew Stubbs, draft, 1st round, 2006
Jordan Smith, draft, 6th round, 2006
Chris Heisey, draft, 17th round, 2006
Brandon Phillips trade, 2006
Bronson Arroyo, trade, 2006
Edinson Volquez, trade, 2007
Francisco Cordero, free agent, 2007
Bill Bray, trade, 2006
Walt Jocketty (11)
Aroldis Chapman, free agent, 2010
Mike Leake, draft, 1st round, 2009
Ramon Hernandez, trade, 2008
Orlando Cabrera, free agent, 2010
Scott Rolen, trade, 2009
Jonny Gomes, free agent, 2009
Miguel Cairo, free agent, 2010
Laynce Nix, free agent, 2008
Jim Edmonds, trade, 2010
Arthur Rhodes, free agent, 2008
Nick Masset, trade, 2008

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redleg2420 said...

Wayne Krivsky deserves a shot somewhere!

Our drafts have improved tremendously since old Leatherpants was finally fired.