Tuesday, September 7, 2010


* Kentucky played an excellent first half Saturday in Louisville, but then Louisville played a better second half. At the beginning of the game it looked like Kentucky would run away with it but some adjustments by Louisville made it closer than expected. Kentucky will struggle against their league competition (shocker!) and I really think Louisville will be better than expected, although expectations are low.

* At first glance Dayne Crist looked uncomfortable in the fast paced Brian Kelly spread offense. But looking back at the stat lines he had a pretty solid game. What impressed me most was the Irish defense. They were able to rack up four sacks, two interceptions and chased Purdue all over the field all this with their stud Manti Te'o playing a bad game. If their defense can play strong they have so many weapons on offense this team will surprise some people.

* Boise State and Virginia Tech last night had the feel of a BCS Championship game. There was so much energy on the field and in the stands. Good for Boise to finally have a national stage early in the season, Boise is good. But also don't discredit Virginia Tech, they overcame a 17 point deficit to take a late third quarter lead. That was a fun game.

* Colin Cowherd caught a lot of flack for his comments a few weeks ago about the Reds not being able to beat talented teams. Well guess what, they can't! They have an easy schedule down the stretch that will bode well for their playoff chances but doesn't look good for a deep playoff run. The Reds are 14-26 (.350) against teams that are in first or second place in the league. Not good!

* Guess what, Aroldis Chapman is human.

* Tough loss for the Football Bearcats Saturday night. Apparently the offensive line stayed in Clifton as they gave up 8 sacks. The offensive line is the most important element of an offense, not good for UC. Also they will be without their #1 receiver Vidal Hazelton who tore his ACL. Hazelton was a transfer from USC who had to sit out all of last season. Just overall a tough day for UC.

*I have had a theory for a long time about TJ Houshmandzadeh and his presence in the locker room. He was always very demonstrative on the field when he didn't get a ball or didn't get a call. There was tension in the Bengals locker room for some time and that seemed to go away a bit last season. Add to that he was released this weekend by Seattle who still owes him a TON of money. Why would they just throw all of that away? My best theory is because he is a toxic player and they don't want him around. Now he is in Baltimore, which doesn't worry me at all. I think Housh hit his peak and is on the decline.

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