Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Andre Smith Hold Out

Cicinnati Bengals Minicamp
The Cincinnati Bengals and first round selection Andre Smith have yet to come to terms of an agreement and it does not look like they are going to get a contract signed any time soon. Mike Brown and the Bengals are notorious for digging in their heels and holding strong to their offer, and it seems like Smith's agent, Alvin Keels, may be a little bit in over his head at this point. And honestly the Bengals offer is pretty strong, they are offering Andre Smith a 5 year $33 million offer. What is complicating the deal are the contracts that were signed around Smith.
Andre Smith is the highest pick yet to sign at #6. The number 5 selection Mark Sanchez signed with the Jets at 5 years $60 million. Where the trouble comes is the deal the #7 selection Darrius Heyaward-Bey signed with the Raiders at 5 years $38 million dollars. Most believe that the Raiders overpaid for Heyward-Bey, but Smith and his agent are holding strong that they will not sign for less than the player selected after Smith. Smith's representatives are seeking a five year $40 million dollar deal.
As far as the other Offensive Tackles taken in the first round Jason Smith taken at #2 signed a deal for 5 years $62 million, Eugene Monroe has not yet signed with the Jaguars at the #8 pick and #23 selection Michael Oher signed for 5 years $13.8 million.


Wojo said...

Something's going on here that is either not being reported or is being overlooked. It could be that the Bengals and Keels agreed to wait and see what the Jaguars do before moving. I can't say for sure, but it seems odd that they supposedly haven't spoken since last Monday. I wonder what's really going on between the two camps.

Wojo said...

Apparently, Alvin Keels has a Twitter account. Check out his latest post: http://twitter.com/AlvinKeels/statuses/3274082544