Monday, August 3, 2009

What could have been

Okay, maybe its not a dream team. And I realize in today's baseball where the size of your market generally dictates how much you can spend, that this probably would not be possible. But, here is the team the Reds could have right now.

C Ramon Hernandez
1B Joey Votto
2B Brandon Phillips
3B Scott Rolen
SS Felipe Lopez
LF Adam Dunn
CF Mike Cameron
RF Josh Hamilton

SP Aaron Harang
SP Bronson Arroyo
SP Johnny Cueto
SP Ryan Dempster
SP Kyle Lohse

RP Arthur Rhodes
RP Daniel Ray Herrera
RP David Weathers
RP Jared Burton
RP Jeremy Affeldt
RP Todd Coffey

CP Francisco Cordero

BN Ryan Hanigan
BN Jerry Hairston
BN Jorge Cantu
BN Cody Ross
BN Chris Dickerson

Could this team compete?

1 comment:

SHU said...

I think they could but who thought guys like Dumpster, Lohse, and Coffey would be doing as good as they're after leaving Cincy? They flat-out blew in a Reds uniform. I think they could compete but like you said payroll would be a huge factor and they wouldn't be able to afford it.