Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pitino-Sypher Story Comes Out

NCAA Elite 8: Michigan State Spartans v Louisville Cardinals
Finally we know the details that were involved in the case between Karen Sypher and Rick Pitino. According to a story posted in the Louisville Courier Journal released just minutes ago Rick Pitino confirms that he had consensual sex with Karen Sypher and gave her $3,000 to have an abortion. Check out the article here.

The next few days will be interesting to see how the national and local media react to this story. I cannot see this ending well for Coach Pitino. The University of Louisville has reported that they are standing behind their coach in support. I can only imagine how much backlash will come from the Pro-Life supporters.

We hold our public figures in higher regard and sometime to higher standards. But not only committing adultery but also contributing to an abortion will no doubt be devastating to Pitino. I understand that this does not affect his ability to coach and win basketball games, however, as a Head Coach you should be a role model to your players. Pitino has not succeeded in that respect and it could hurt him with recruiting in the future.


Kevin said...

I see this being very bad for Rick.

redleg2420 said...

This is interesting. Louisville loves there winning program...but its some serious Bible Belt country too. I wonder what kind of backlash this will bring. I don't know that its going to be as much as everybody thinks.

I'll bet we hear a lot about forgiveness and the fact that he didn't break any laws. People will justify anything for a winning coach.

Matt said...

Pitino is just like an athlete over the years who has been in trouble.. INVINCIBLE.. He apologized, he brings a lot of money in, and he wins... For those reasons, he will be forgiven and people will forget... Because he is a star this will be let go... If he was a normal individual he would be scrutinized