Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Mid-Morning Thoughts on the Bengals

* Andre Smith's agent Alvin Keels announced yesterday on his Twitter page: “Sent over what I thought was a very good and fair proposal today to the Bengals! Let’s hope it does the trick. If not back to square one!”

Keels definition of very good and fair may not be the same as Mike Brown and Katie Blackburn. Keels is requesting an increase of pay over the pick that was selected after Smith, which is typically the case. But the Bengals are holding to the fact that the Raiders have overpaid for their pick. Really this whole thing is a mess but it is not all together Keels and the Bengals fault. The system is severely flawed. Rookies are being paid astronomical contracts without proving a thing on the field. Meanwhile players who have proven that they can contribute are struggling for contracts. The superstars will always get paid, but it is the marginal stars and role players who suffer. I would say this should be address in the next collective bargaining agreement. They should reference the NBA how they use "slotting" to determine rookie contracts.

* I really enjoyed Hard Knocks last night some of the highlights and thoughts from me:
- How bad did you feel for Reggie Kelly? That one will hurt the team. Carson has really been a supporter of the impact Kelly has had on this team. From what we saw yesterday you could tell he is a leader and his presence will be missed. That one will hurt.
- I really don't like the way that we cut players. Jim Lippincott, director of player personnel, walked into J.D. Runnels room at 5:30 in the morning, woke him up and told him he was cut. I get why they do it early, so he has a chance to find another team. From what I have seen of the show the Chiefs director of players calls the player in after practice. Jerry Jones would call the players in for the Cowboys. I don't know if that is how they handle every release, but that one didn't look good to me. I surely hope they did not do that for veteran Kenny Watson.
- Chad is stupid, but I love Chad I just can't help it. Child Please!
- I am now very worried about Chase Coffman at TE this season.
- Roy Williams looked very soft in the footage that they covered him, I hope that he turns it up on game day.
- The City of Georgetown and Cincinnati looked very good on camera. HBO does it better than anyone.
- I am really excited to get a better look at Mike Brown and how he handles this franchise. We had a sneak peak in on some of the meetings that he had with the whole team and whole staff. I think this footage may answer some questions for Bengals fans.

* First preseason game is this Friday night in New Orleans. Preseason game are worthless for the most part outside of the first few series. I am interested to see our run and pass defense against a good offensive Saints team. Also interested to see how the O-line holds up. Its still early but hope to open up with a bang!


Wojo said...

I didn't get a chance to see the program last night and still have yet to find it online- Hulu, don't fail me now! However, I have read/heard much about the meeting with Mike Brown and I heard people assign the words "depressing" and "shocking" to seeing the meeting on screen. It sounds like it's conducted like class with Mikey as the teacher and all the coaches and front office as students, notebooks and all. When he mentioned switching Chris Harrington to TE, it sounds like no one knew how to respond to such a suggestion. As much as he likes to think otherwise, he is no Paul Brown.

SHU said...

Anyone want a Ben Utecht jersey? I'll sell for half-off!