Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SI.com: Arroyo and Harang Likely to Clear Waivers

I find this to be quite amusing. Sport Illustrated recently released what they believe to be the Top 10 list of mlb players to clear waivers this year if placed on waivers. Four of the top five players they listed to more than likely clear waivers are either current or former Reds:

Likely to clear

1. Bronson Arroyo, Reds pitcher: He's a winner, but his other stats (WHIP, ERA), probably don't justify his salary. The Reds wanted the Yankees to pay the full $17 million freight through 2010. Realistically, they'd probably have to chip in a few million to make anything work.

2. Adam Dunn, Nationals slugger: That $12 million salary for 2010 should scare anyone off. He was traded after the waiver deadline last year, and it could happen again. Belongs in the American League, a place he has yet to play.

3. Jose Guillen, Royals outfielder: He said it himself. He "s----.'' At $12 million per, he sure does.

4. Aaron Harang, Reds pitcher: Like Arroyo, the former ace hasn't lived up to his high pay.

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