Monday, August 24, 2009

Mike Brown Doesn't Get It

There are a million opinions and a million blogs out there about Mike Brown and his obvious lack of football intelligence, so I won't bore you with the monotony of another one. I only want to point out one thing; the reason he has never responded or seemed to care about all of the criticism is quite frankly, he doesn't get it.

ESPN recently did a writeup about the whole Mike Brown controversy. (It's a nice read and can be found here.) One quote from him really struct me as odd, but also explained a whole lot at the same time. That part of the story talks about Who Dey Revolution's attempts at a flyby during training camp with a banner reading "101-187-1...HIRE A GM!" Mike Brown's responds only by saying "Well, if they've got that kind of money, they ought to buy some tickets." (Seriously, that's the actual quote.)

Buy tickets?? That's his solution for the fans frustrations?? He's actually suggesting that any frustrated Bengals fan should buy tickets, the one thing these frustrated fans do NOT want to do (as evident by the teams inability to sell out a single game when the last five consecutive seasons sold out.) I wish Brown would have finished by saying what exactly this would accomplish, other than making him more money of course.

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