Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Hot Reds?

The Reds started out their season "Red Hot" and found themselves amongst the top of the Division for the first few months of the season. However, they have fallen, scratch that plummetted from grace to a meager 52-71. Just look at their breakdown by month:

April: 11-10 (.524)
May: 15-13 (.536)
June: 11-15 (.423)
July: 8-19 (.296)
August: 7-14 (.333)

Despite this great start the Reds were only in first place 2 days this year going back to May 13th. Now they are the farthest back they have been all year at 18.5 games out of first place. Rather than chasing the division the Reds are chasing their worst season since 1982 when they finished 61-101.

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