Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reds Need To Take After Brewers

Today, the Milwaukee Brewers did something that Cincinnati fans have been asking the Reds to do for a long time. The Milwaukee Brewers took ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions. The Brewers have seen their season slipping away and today made several monumental moves to their ballclub. In the process, the Brewers ate a huge amount of money and apologized to their fans for the decisions they have made and the turn the seasons is taking. In a flurry of moves, the Brewers designated for assignment Bill Hall who just three seasons ago hit 35 home runs. The also optioned to AAA Indianapolis former All-Star SS JJ Hardy and fired pitching coach Bill Castro who had been with the organization for 18 years. The Bill Hall move will cost the club 11 million dollars.

Do you ever see the Reds doing something like this? How long did we sit on the contract of players like Alex Gonzalez just because we were ignorant enough to pay them large amounts of cash? How long will we continue to keep Brooke Jacoby has hitting coach and Dick Pole as pitching coach with the Cincinnati Reds continuing to finish near the bottom of the league in hitting and pitching. Today I am ashamed to say that I salute the Milwaukee Brewers.


Anyone for JJ Hardy? The Brewers still owe the Reds a player to be named later in the trade for David Weathers?
Hardy stats (26 Years old): 2007 164 Hits, 30 Doubles, 26 HR, 80 RBI, 73 Ks, .277
2008 161 Hits, 31 Doubles, 24 HR, 74 RBI, 98 Ks, .283
2009 (371 AB) 85 Hits, 14 Doubles, 11 HR, 45 RBI, 73 Ks, .229

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Adam said...

I would love JJ Hardy as the player to be named later. From what I have heard they are targeting a number of prospects in the organization. I agree with most of your comments except for one. I think Dick Pole should stay. Pole is a good pitching coach. Our staff is stronger than it has been in years. The talent is a little low but I think Pole gets the most of the talent. Don't forget, Arroyo was a bullpen guy for Boston and came here to be our #2. We just don't have the talent.