Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bengals Training Camp

The Bengals are in the first week of their traning camp and with Hard Knocks and position battles I am getting very excited for football season. To get the rest of you excited I wanted to post this video to get you ready for football season.

Check it out.


Adam said...

You just got Rick Rolled bitches!

SHU said...

Seriously.... that's terrible. At least it's better than getting Ben Utechted.

Matt said...

Speaking of Ben Utecht....left field today on a stretcher with a concussion and possible neck injury...not looking good...oh and Daniel Coats left with a sprained ankle.

Good week for tight ends...time for Chase Couffman to step up!

Wojo said...

You just Rick Rolled the blog.... you have brought shame.

Your new fantasy team name is now "The Rick Rollers".