Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bengals Preseason Finale: What to watch for

- It has already been announced that Carson Palmer will not play in this game but should be ready to go for the regular season finale. I hate to think this way but the first thing to watch for tonight is the play of J.T. O'Sullivan. But the reality is Palmer only played in four games last year and with his preseason injury we can only cross our fingers that he will be healthy this year.

- Watch the Running Back situation. The Bengals face a very difficult decision as to who they should keep at this position. From what I have read and what I see on Hard Knocks they are forced to make a decision between DeDe Dorsey and Brian Leonard. Both have had impressive preseasons so far and both have made a strong argument to become the third back.

- While watching the running backs in the backfield also sneak a peek at the Fullback situation. It appears that Jeremi Johnson has locked up the #1 spot but there seems to be a battle between Fui Vakapuna and Chris Pressley. Both are rookies but the Bengals have more invested in Vakapuna with a 7th round selection. Pressley was signed as a free agent. From watching meetings covered on Hard Knocks the Bengals like Pressley's physical nature but really seem to be pulling for Vakapuna.

- Perhaps the first place you should watch is special teams. With the injury of Andre Smith the Bengals will now be forced to keep around an extra offensive lineman, thus further hurting the roster situation. Tom Nelson will be fighting for a spot but showing his abilities as a kick returner. Also returning kicks will be Quan Cosby, who returned a punt for a TD last week.

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