Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NFL Starting QB's by College Conference

While watching College Football this weekend and some spectacular Quarterback play I was curious if there were any trends as to what conference historically produces the best/most QB's. Since I am not employed to search through statistics the best that I could do was list the current starting QB's in the NFL and the conferences that they play in. What this showed be was basically the power conferences on average will produce the most QB's. There really is no major evidence or any one conference that dominates another, but would fairly say that big conference QB's are most likely to make it to a starting position. Although again, that is not scientific. Check it out.

Matthew Stafford- Georgia
Peyton Manning- Tennessee
JaMarcus Russell- LSU
Eli Manning- Mississippi
Jason Campbell- Auburn
Jay Cutler- Vanderbilt

Mark Sanchez- USC
Carson Palmer- USC
Matt Cassel- USC
Trent Edwards- Stanford
Aaron Rogers- Cal

Tom Brady- Michigan
Kerry Collins- Penn State
Kyle Orton- Purdue
Drew Brees- Purdue

Matt Schaub- Virginia
Phillip Rivers- NC State
Matt Ryan- BC
Matt Hasselbeck- BC
Shaun Hill- Maryland

Conference USA
Chad Pennington- Marshall
David Garrard- East Carolina
Brett Favre- Southern Miss
Byron Leftwich- Marshall

Ben Roethlisberger- Miami OH

Big East
Donovan McNabb- Syracuse
Marc Bulger- West Virginia

Missouri Valley
Kurt Warner- Northern Iowa

Sun Belt
Jake Delhomme

Ohio Valley Conference
Tony Romo- Eastern Illinois

No Conference or DII
Brady Quinn- Notre Dame
Joe Flacco- Delaware

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