Thursday, September 24, 2009

Survivor Week 3

Since I was out of town last week and forgot to post the Survivor picks everyone gets a pass. We all picked winners, although Redleg's was a little late! Here are this weeks slate of games. Good luck!

Washington @ Detroit
Green Bay @ St. Louis
Minnesota @ San Francisco
New England @ Atlanta
New York Jets @ Tennessee
Philadelphia @ Kansas City
New York Giants @ Tampa Bay
Baltimore @ Cleveland
Houston @ Jacksonville
New Orleans @ Buffalo
Chicago @ Seattle
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
Denver @ Oakland
San Diego @ Miami
Arizona @ Indianapolis
Dallas @ Carolina


Adam said...

My Pick: Baltimore Ravens

redleg2420 said...

I think this week is difficult.

My pick: Green Bay

Matt said...

Sorry i was on vacation last week as well so i did not even get a pick in

My pick this week: NY Giants

SHU said...


Wojo said...

Carolina is at Dallas.

I'm picking Dallas.