Thursday, September 3, 2009

Corruptness of College Basketball

College basketball has always been my favorite sport to watch and follow. Period. College basketball never used to be subject to the extreme and widespread rules violations, unethical decisions, and corruptness that is crippling other major sports. College basketball was never the subject of steroid rumors like the MLB, gambling referees like the NBA, or thuggish athletes like the NFL. However, college basketball is following into this same pattern and it has to stop. NCAA teams at unbelievable rates are involved in illegal recruiting practices and corrupt decisions. Just this past week, Louisville head coach hired Pike High School Assistant Coach Shabaka Lands in order to reel in No. 2 ranked HS star Marquis Teague. This same practice has happened in the past, most noteably with star players Michael Beasley and Dajuan Wagner. Other teams have been involved with recruiting of grade school kids, illegal contacting of recruits, contacting of committed recruits, changing of HS grades, and payment of money to future players. The list goes on and on. It would be naive to think that this is not happening everywhere. Anything is being used to get ahead. In the process, it just might cripple college basketball.

Big 12 Championship First Round

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