Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things Heard on Andre Smith

You think several months off of playing is not a downfall??

Andre Smith weighed in to Bengals training camp at 364 pounds!! 364! That was 34 pounds over his expected playing weight. What do you eat in two months to gain 34 pounds?? A horse? And he wonders why he broke his foot.

The more and more I watch and hear about Andre Smith the less and less I like him. And to be honest, I liked him very little to begin with. Is it still too early to say I told you so??

Cicinnati Bengals Minicamp


SHU said...

Yes, it is too early to say I told you so considering he hasn't stepped foot on the field and is only a rookie. Come back a couple years from now and if he hasn't lived up to expectations you can say it then.

Adam said...

I agree, you can't already say that he is completely a bust. There have been a number of players hold out and number of players come in out of shape who do not become a bust.

Matt said...

Agreed.... its just the more and more I see about this guy... the more and more I dont like it.. we shall see... I definitely hope that he succeeds cause he could help the Bengals tremendously for years to come