Monday, September 14, 2009

Is Carson Palmer Really A "Franchise Quarterback"

(Carson Palmer vs. Jeff Blake)

Stats during career with Bengals:
Palmer: 66 games – 1401/2198 (63.7%), 15,877 Yards, 107 TD’s, 69 INT’s
Blake: 75 games – 1240/2221 (55.8%), 15,134 Yards, 93 TD’s, 62 INT’s

I realize Blake is no Palmer but it gives you something to think about after comparing the numbers. Granted, Blake played nine more games than Palmer as a Bengal from these stats but Palmer has thrown seven more picks in nine less games than Blake. Will Palmer ever return to his 2005-06 numbers? You cant say he doesn't have the weapons because his #3 and #4 receivers could be #2 options for some teams in the league.

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