Thursday, September 3, 2009

Supporting Chad Ochocino

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
For the past few years we have heard from different media personnel, TV analysts, and bloggers that Chad "Johnson" Ochocino was selfish and a cancer to the team. From watching Hard Knocks, following Chad on Twitter, and watching his show on UStream I see none of these qualities. Perhaps Chad is in a different place right now, but what I see from Chad is a fun loving, dedicated, and motivated football player. Last night on Hard Knocks they showed a clip from 2003 when Chad approached Coach Marvin Lewis on the football field and said, "I want to be the best, I want to be better than Rice." That is what Chad wants. He wants to be one of the best he really wants to be the greatest Wide Receiver of all-time. I would say that most who play this game want to be the greatest at their position, but Chad takes it seriously. I think Chad has been painted with the wrong brush. I don't think that he is a distraction, I don't think he is a cancer. Chad is not going to be the vocal in your face Ray Lewis type of leader, but in his own way Chad is a leader.

I wrote a story on here about Griffey Jr. a few days ago. In Seattle, Griffey has been embraced for keeping the locker room light and having fun with the game of Baseball. Chad is the same way in football. He wants to be the best but he also wants to have fun. There is no malice, no anger, he does not put down his teammates while trying to be the best. Chad helps pick up his teammates. I think that Ochocino has gotten a bad rap from the media. Even through everything this year they still say that Tweeting is a distraction and he is bringing down his team. I don't buy it, I just don't. NKYSportsWorld remains and will always be a supporter of #85, and for those of you who don't agree....Child Please!

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Matt said...

Always have been strong supporters of #85. Never left.

Definitely not a cancer. We should try to find the picture of the game when Chad was injured and the entire sidelines of both teams surrounded him in a circle on the field. One of the coolest things that I have ever seen in a football game. Definitely shows the respect and support he gets from others around the NFL and definitely rejects the idea of a cancer.