Monday, September 14, 2009

Bengals Week 1 Observations

Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals
* I did it again, I fell for it. I have been a Bengals fan my entire life, and every year I get excited for the opener. We always seem to have a "favorable" opening matchup that should get the season started on the right foot. Last year it was rookie QB Joe Flacco and the Ravens, we lose 27-20. I told some people Saturday to remember what we were saying last year about Baltimore and look what happened. They laughed because they didn't think we could possibly lose to the Broncos.

* On the Stokely play, yeah it was a fluke play, but at the same rate when was the last time that the Bengals were in the position to get a play like that? Two balls were knocked into the air this weekend and both were recovered by Denver. The biggest thing that bothers me about that play is the fact the Roy Williams and the rest of the safeties were around the ball. Why they are not backed up 40 yards into the secondary to avoid something like that happening is beyond me. Denver cannot afford to use the middle of the field so drop back a linebacker in the middle and bring three safeties way back in the secondary. As Lapham said on the call, "sometimes the football gods can be cruel" I love Mike Zimmer but I think he got that call wrong. Drop them back, that is the only thing that can beat you, and it did.

* The Bengals offense looked like an offense who did not have their Quarterback for most of the pre-season. All of the people doing pregame analysis said that we finally have a healthy Palmer. But we didn't, and it is showing. Timing was off and the offense showed.

* What sucks about being a long snapper. Whenever you mess up, it is very evident. Brad St. Louis is normally pretty consistent but there have been a few hiccups and when it happens it is a huge play. You have one job Brad, only one, lets get it done. On the same side of the card Huber should have grabbed that one. Sure it was a bad snap but not bad enough for that to happen. Maybe they should bring in a veteran to hold. Just a thought.

* Chad looked good, real good. Laverneous looked bad, real bad. (TJ had 6 catches for 46 yards in Seattle.) I am not sure why the go to guy in the pre-season, Chris Henry, was not utilized in the offense more. He found himself most of the time as the #4 reciever. Caldwell came up big in the late drive but Slim 15 can get it done....use him!

* Bob Bratkowski ran the leagues last ranked offense last season, and he still has a job, and he still cannot come up with plays to move the ball. Why is that? Is he also Mike Brown's boy?

* Benson had a solid game, he broke off a few runs and ran most rushes for a gain. Benson will be strong, but we need some offensive consistency.

* Defense came up HUGE all day. Its a shame, even with the Stokely play we should have never been in that situation. Offense needs to score, offense is the issue.

* O-line was play was spotty. Whitworth looked strong but a few times Anthony Collins looked like Gus Parrish. We cannot have Palmer being rushed out of the pocket. He avoided a few sacks but was running for his life on a few plays.

* What happened to stretching the field? How many times did we look deep? Someone send Bob Bratkowski highlights from 2005.


Kevin said...

Last year the Bengals were tied for the team with the least passing plays over 30 yards ... with 1. If that doesn't make you want to puke, I suggest you check out .

Dlman said...

The safeties did the right thing. Go to the ball. It's not their job to stand around in the back and hope someone else makes the play. Tip drill always involves knocking the ball in the air. It just sucks that someone not in stripes caught it.

Kevin said...

That would be true if they had actually gone for the ball, but they didn't, they went for Marshall. If the ball is tipped, especially in the backfield, you NEVER take your eyes off the ball.

redleg2420 said...

There is a reason the position is called Safety. A safety is supposed to play it safe. Someone should have been way back making sure no one gets behind him. Obviously Brandon Stokely got behind our deepest guy. That should never ever happen in that situation. So what if Brandon Marshall catches that ball, they still have a long way to go with very little time. They did not need three guys going after him.