Monday, September 28, 2009

Bengals Week 3 Observations

*The Pittsburgh Post Gazette had a live blog during the game, they actually called it Steelers vs. Bungles. Check it out. Who's laughing now bitch!?!

*Offense was abysmal in the first half. -10 yards of total offense in the first quarter is absolutely terrible. I thought the play calling early was a little suspect. Bratkowski is committed to getting the running game started. And I understand you have to get a running game established to set up the pass. He stuck with Benson even with he looked like he could get nothing and eventually he got it going.

*Brad St. Louis, I can't defend you anymore. I tried yesterday to blame it on Huber, but then they slowed it down and he completely missed the mark. Come on Brad, you are the longest tenured Bengal, you need to learn to get the Bungle out of you. Now we all will be holding our breath for every FG and extra point attempt this season.

* I thought the defense was solid. The problem early was the offense couldn't stay on the field. But there were a few times that Pittsburgh got into the red zone and had to settle for FG's. That became huge as the game wore on.

*What about Mike Tomlin's decision to go for it on 4th and 2 in the second half. I thought that was a huge momentum shift for the Bengals. If that we Marvin's call we would have killed him today.

* Where is my man Chris Henry? 1 catch for 19 yards. Throw him the ball! Caldwell was huge today with 6 receptions for 52. Chad went for 5 and 54 and Coles was 5 for 34.

* Palmer gets credit for driving back for the win, but Palmer was terrible in the first half and more and more he worries me.

* Did anyone else notice how far back the safeties were on that last pass play???? Do you think Marvin and Zimmer learned something for the Denver game?

* Overall a win is a win. In the NFL it is the teams who can finish games who are successful. Looking at the Denver game without that joke of a reception we managed to drive late and take a lead. I like that out of this team, we need to play with that same sense of urgency throughout the whole game. I am excited to watch this Sunday against Cleveland. But lets not look past them.


Wojo said...

We're all going to be watching the second half of the season from the cardiac unit at St.E's if all our games comes down to the last 2 minutes like the first three games.

I agree that Carson and the receivers doesn't seem to be as sharp this season so far but they have been far more poised under pressure than I've ever seen them. That also goes for the defense and is great to see. They'll iron out the kinks for the first three quarters as the season goes on.

It would be nice to have a relaxing mop job next weekend over Cleveland (who might match Detroit of last year) but the Bengals can't look past them. A division game is a division game.

From reading the paper this morning, you would have thought the Bengals won the Superbowl. It was a huge game but we still have 13 left and it's way too early to mention the P word (else we get the wrath of Jim Mora).

Wojo said...

They need to add an editing tool for the comments section.