Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trap Game?

Alright, we're all thinking it, but I will say it. Is anyone else worried about Sunday's game at Cleveland? This is the ultimate trap game. We're coming off a huge win. We're playing a division rival in their stadium with a highly motivated quarterback and a running back with a long history of killing us. I will not predict a Bengals loss...but I am worried. If they win this game, I will become a believer. If they lose this game, I will walk away feeling like its the same old Bengals!


SHU said...

The Browns are.... who we thought they were.... a terrible team. If Mangenious feels comfortable starting a guy who threw 3 INT's in one half last week then so be it. Jamal Lewis is banged up. Last year he ran for 70 yards in both meetings with the Bengals and isn't the same Jamal Lewis of old. Again, Lewis may not even play. The Browns are bad and if we lose you can blame it on me for being too confident.

Wojo said...

This could very well be a let down game for the Bengals, but I don't think they'll let down their guard low enough for the Browns to pull off an upset. That said, we'll see how the Bengals' mentality reveals itself in a game when they are finally favored... heavily.

redleg2420 said...

I hope you all are right. I just have a sick feeling. I have been a Bengals fan for too long...they tend to play down to their opponent's level. We should beat that team by 28 points...I hope we do.