Friday, October 16, 2009

Bearcats Roll, Pike Sidelined

Cincinnati Bearcats v University of South Florida Bulls
Tony Pike suffered an injury to his left wrist/arm on Thursday nights victory at South Florida. The injury to his left arm is the same arm that Tony Pike broke last season. Pike will be visiting with a specialist today to determine the extent of the injury and what the recovery schedule could be. He has a plate and screws in his left arm that may have potentially shifted. After he broke his arm last season he was out for three weeks.
Pike has been no stranger to injury. His senior year of High School Pike missed an extended period of time due to a separated shoulder. With his stock in the NFL Draft rising during his senior season I wonder how much this could affect his position on the draft. Early indications are that he will miss the Louisville game.
There is a little break in the schedule for the Bearcats with their next two games being Louisville and Syracuse. But the team will have a tough road to finish the season with UCONN, West Virginia, and Illinois all at home and the finale against the Pitt Panthers on December 5th. Currently sitting at 6-0 the Bearcats are in a position to contend for a big time bowl game and will need Pike to make the run.

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