Monday, October 12, 2009

Bengals vs. Ravens Observations

* I know that Shu hit on this in a previous post, but it is time for Brad St. Louis to go. Unfortunately the longest tenured Bengals player has just seemed to have lost his head. I was listening to an interview from Darrin Simmons, Bengals Special Teams coach, and Simmons was talking about how important the chemistry is between long snapper, punter and kicker. All three have to work together to get it done. This team has fought all year to win games and Brad St. Louis has been making it too hard on them. Time to go Brad. Thanks for the memories.

* Once again the Bengals offense came out blazing but mishaps on Special Teams leave us with no points and seem to take the wind out of the offense.

*Larry Johnson was the last RB to rush for 100 yards against the Baltimore Ravens in 2006. Cedric Benson was able to grind out 120 yards on 27 carries for an average of 4.4 yards per carry. Ced looked like he earned every yard he got too often breaking the first tackle or making something out of nothing. He has really started to get it going. Right now Cedric Benson is the NFL leading rusher with 487 yards, just six more yards than Adrian Peterson.

* This team is still making too many mistakes if they want to be a big time contender. I am not going to knock them too much because they are getting wins and finding a way to win. But I still think there are too many mistakes.

* Daniel Coats needs to catch that pass up the middle that hit his hands.

* Did you notice Laverneous Coles after dropping a pass in the first quarter was not really targeted the rest of the game. Has Carson lost faith in him?

* You can't really have too much praise for this Bengals defense. They are really a tough unit. They are extremely physical and have done a tremendous job stopping some pretty good offensive opponents.

* For the second straight week our opponents #1 receiver was held without a catch. When is Leon Hall going to get credit for being a shutdown corner? Leon is phenomenal. I don't think he will get more INT's than Joseph because Hall's man will always be covered.

* The Ravens are complaining about some of the calls down the stretch, but I really think the calls were valid. Baltimore looked a little rattled during that drive, the Bengals had a lot of composure.

* I will continue my streak for calling for QB J.T. O'Sullivan. Palmer has got to learn to look at the play clock. But when I bitch about him and call for O'Sullivan we get the win!

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