Thursday, October 8, 2009

Survival Football

Okay Fellas, time to make this week's picks. I will post on here to show you what categories you have left. Then fill in your answers in the comments. I will also let you know what teams and players you have already used.

200 yard Passer
TD Catch
(Teams used: Cincinnati, Baltimore, Indianapolis, New Orleans)
(Players used: Cedric Benson, Brett Favre, Steve Smith (NYG))

TD Catch
(Teams used: Green Bay, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Indianapolis)
(Players used: Chris Johnson, Jay Cutler, Chad Ochocinco)

TD Catch
(Teams used: Chicago, Indianapolis, San Diego, Cincinnati)
(Players used: Brandon Jacobs, Carson Palmer, Reggie Wayne)

100 Yard Rusher
200 Yard Passer
(You lost your team because you picked the NY Giants twice, sorry!)
(Players used: Matt Forte, Matt Shaub, Andre Johnson)

(Teams used: Dallas, Denver, New Orleans, Indianapolis)


Adam said...

Team: Minnesota Vikings
Passer: Peyton Manning
TD Catch: Reggie Wayne

Matt said...

Dude that is so not fair... thought this was a completely new game

Matt said...

I will make you a deal... Ill pick two teams this week and must win both to keep the category.

Matt said...

Team(s): Dallas, Pittsburgh
Passer: Tony Romo
Rusher: DeAngelo Williams

redleg2420 said...

Team: Philadelphia Eagles
TD Catch: Dallas Clark

Adam said...

Matt, I will take your deal. Even though you didn't post the week you were in Las Vegas. But we are all in for a friendly match here. So I will let this one slide. But you have to get both games correct.

SHU said...

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Passer: Kurt Warner
TD Catch: Larry Fitzgerald

Wojo said...

NY Giants.

It's much simpler only having to pick a team.