Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bengals Make Offer for Martellus Bennett?

Per Rotoworld (citing Chris Mortensen): The Bengals made a "significant offer" to the Cowboys to acquire Martellus Bennett. The Bengals seem to be focusing on tight end now that the long snapper situation has been corrected. Many have postulated that the Bengals are not happy with the progress of rookie 3rd round pick Chase Coffman so much that they refuse to activate him for games despite the team's struggles.

This leads me to speculate on the record that when Chase was drafted, he was not intended to play a significant role in the offense this year and the team is sticking to this plan. Last spring, three TEs were ahead of him on the depth chart (Kelly, Utecht, and Coats) who were all better suited for blocking and had more experience. Chase is a WR turned TE in a college spread offense (i.e. a WR who occasionally plays with his hand on the ground) and was drafted as an NFL project. Had not both Kelly and Utecht gotten injured and Coats grown cement hands, he might have saw some spot action but he was never meant to play a big role this year.

I suspect if Chase were to see more action now, it would probably be ugly. Hopefully in time he'll turn into the pass-catching TE that we'd like him to be. But until he shows that to the coaches, he'll be watching the game with Jerome Simpson.

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