Monday, October 12, 2009

Survival Football Results

Team- Minnesota Vikings (Won)
Passer- Peyton Manning (309 yds)
Receiver- Reggie Wayne (1 TD)

Team- Dallas (Won), Pittsburgh (Won)
Passer- Tony Romo (353 yards)
Rusher- DeAngelo Williams (40 yards)

Team- Philadelphia Eagles (Won)
TD Catch- Dallas Clark (0 TD)

Team- Pittsburgh Steelers (Won)
Passer- Kurt Warner (302 yards)
Receiver- Larry Fitzgerald (2 TD)

Team- NY Giants (Won)

Some lost a few categories this week but everyone is still alive. Choosing the 100 yard rusher seemed to be harder than a thought! Wojo is now not alone in his only having a team to pick. SHU and myself are out in front with 3 categories but that all could change in one week!

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