Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cincinnati Bengals Hard Knocks: Where are they Now?

The Cincinnati Bengals stole the show this year on HBO's inside the team Hard Knocks. The show highlighted a number of Bengals players some who we see on a regular basis and others who has disappeared. Lets find out where some of these guys have gone.

DeDe Dorsey
Dorsey stole the show with the highlight of the battle for backup RB with Bernard Scott, Brian Leonard, and DeDe. All three had very good pre-season campaigns and at the end of the show all three were kept on the team. However, the Bengals only kept Dorsey in an attempt to trade him. Dorsey was later cut to make room for Andre Smith. Dorsey was picked up by the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL and will make his semi-pro debut today in California.

Augustus Parrish
Gus Parrish was brought in to training camp to take the place of the first round hold out from Alabama star Andre Smith. Parrish was an undrafted free agent out of Kent State. Parrish was highlighted on the show more often than not showing him getting burned on the edge by fourth string defensive ends. Parrish is still currently a free agent.

Fui Vakapuna
Another spotlight was placed on the Fullback situation between Jeremy Johnson, Chris Pressley, and Fui Vakapuna. Pressley was brought in as an undrafted free agent and Vakapuna was drafted by the Bengals in the late rounds. Fui was so nervous about making the team that on cut day he went to the stadium to try to find out what was going on. It was there that Marvin broke the bad new to him. Shortly after being cut by the Bengals Fui was signed to the practice squad of the Arizona Cardinals where he is still with the team.

Corey Lynch
The pride of Appalachian State Safety Cory Lynch was out shined this season by newcomer Tom Nelson. Despite playing in a number of games his rookie season Lynch was pushed out of his roster spot by Nelson and retained for the Bengals practice squad. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took notice of his football abilities as well as his good Samaritan activities and signed Corey off of our practice squad. Lynch has played in 2 games for the Bucs and has logged 1 tackle.

J.D. Runnels
Fullback J.D. Runnels was unceremoniously cut by Jim Lippincott at 6:00 in the morning early in training camp. As we all remembers Runnels was cut because it was "an ability thing." The 2006 Chicago Bears draft pick Runnels was unable to get picked up by another team for the preseason and is currently a free agent.

Kenny Watson
Although Watson was not a part of the Hard Knocks program, he was cut on the same days Runnels. Watson was unable to use his "Canton-like" ability to pick up with any team. On September 29th the Detroit Lions invited Watson for a workout but was not signed. Watson is currently a free agent.

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