Friday, October 2, 2009

New Survival Game

Okay, I have thought of a new survival game that I think will be fun. Since all of us are still in the survival pool we are going to add some categories. Here is how it will work. There will be four categories. Just like a regular survival pool you can select one team/player. Once you have used that team or player you cannot use them for the rest of the season. The way this will work if you loose one of the categories that week you will loose that slot. The last man standing will win. I will have a prize for the winner of this contest that will be distributed once the winner is decided. To register for this contest you must put your picks in this week.

Winning Team: Select a team who you think will win that week.
100 Yard Rusher: Select a player who you think will rush for 100 yards or more.
200 Yard Passer: Select a player who you think will pass for more than 200 yards.
1 TD Reception: Select a player who you think will catch a TD reception.

You can select any position player for any of the player categories.

Any questions hit the comments section and I will answer them for you. Also post your picks in the comments.


Adam said...

Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Rusher: Cedric Benson
Passer: Brett Favre
TD Catch: Steve Smith (NYG)

I am going big for the Bengals!

redleg2420 said...

Team: Indianapolis
Rusher: Chris Johnson (TEN)
Passer: Jay Cutler
TD Catch: Chad Ochocinco

SHU said...

Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Rusher: Brandon Jacobs
Passer: Carson Palmer
TD Catch: Reggie Wayne

Matt said...

Team: NY Giants
Rusher: Matt Forte
Passer: Matt Schaub
TD Catch: Andre Johnson

Wojo said...

Team: Indy
Rusher: Benson
Passer: Cutler
TD Catch: Andre Johnson