Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Bengals Depth Chart- Quarterbacks

With training camp seemingly just around the corner I wanted to take a look at the Bengals depth chart and roster to evaluate the changes and potential position battles we may see this season. Periodically I will update each position with key additions and losses and an evaluation of players.

Quarterback- Carson Palmer, J.T. O'Sullivan, Jordan Palmer
Key additions: J.T. O'Sullivan
Key losses: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Everyone knows that this is Palmer's team. However, since his injury in the playoffs in 2005 durability has been a question mark for Palmer. Carson missed 12 games last season. The backup last season and starter for most of the year Ryan Fitzpatrick has moved on to Buffalo. The Bengals signed O'Sullivan in March out of Free Agency. Last season O'Sullivan was the starter of the 49ers for the first half of the season and passed for 1,600 yards and 8 TD's. O'Sullivan should be a solid backup for Palmer, and would give us a decent option if we need to use him. Jordan Palmer will continue to be the #3 Quarterback on the roster and should hopefully not see the regular season NFL field.

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Brandon said...

I still wonder why Byron Leftwich sat out there for so long. He was still available when we signed O'Sullivan. If Carson goes down for an extended period, this team is in trouble.