Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cincinnati Bengals Sign Roy Williams, Release Levi Jones

The Cincinnati Bengals today signed Mike Zimmer's buddy Roy Williams, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys to a deal. The signing occurred after the team had cut former 1st-round pick Levi Jones. The Jones deal was anticipated as he wanted out and the Bengals drafted Andre Smith for a reason. Jones is expected to sign with the Seattle Seahawks, reuniting him with former teammate T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

However, Roy Williams is a little surprising as the Bengals have Chinedum Ndukwe, Chris Crocker, Marvin White and Corey Lynch. This tells me that although Crocker signed a new deal with the Bengals they weren't set on him starting next year. Williams comes in after seven seasons with the Cowboys, five of which he made the Pro Bowl and was a feared safety in the NFC. Financial terms have yet to be released but the signing wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the release of Jones. During his career with the Cowboys, Williams had 611 tackles, 6 1/2 sacks, 19 interceptions and 56 passes defensed.

Your thoughts on the Williams signing?


Matt said...

I dont think that the deal has anything to do with the release of Levi Jones. Williams has been on the radar for about a month now.

I personally like the deal. It will be a one year deal with a low cap hit. Williams has been hurt recently so i think that is the only concern. However, he was a feared safety just a few years ago and is still at the edge of his prime. I think the team is still not sold on guys like White and Lynch. The Bengals are slowly starting to develop a defense. A defense with speed and hard hitters that may be fun the watch.

SHU said...

I just found it odd that Williams has been on the radar for awhile and signs the day Jones is released that's all. You know Williams will be making seven figures so I figured the release of Levi gave us some money which in return was used on signing Williams.

I like the signing as well but I just hope he's not the nest Dexter Jackson.......

Wojo said...

I like this signing as well. They probably did need to wait until Levi was gone for financial reasons but it sounds like they planned on signing Roy since mid-March when he first came by for a visit. Our defense could be in for a potentially awesome year. I can't wait for Roy to introduce himself to Hines Ward!

I'm not quite sure what to make of the Brian Leonard deal. I think his role fits better as a fullback even though a lot of people talk about him as a RB. As his former fantasy owner, I don't think relying on him as our RB is such a great idea but I have heard that he might fit in better as a 3rd down option. I probably won't be drafting him again this year.