Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fox Sports Power Rankings

1.Dodgers 22-11
Not much confidence out there that the Dodgers will maintain league's best record sans Manny.

2. Blue Jays 22-12
Finally some tests against the Yanks and Red Sox have arrived. Now we'll see ...

3. Cardinals 20-12
Colby Rasmus has one HR in 86 at-bats. But he'll get a chance to improve with Ankiel on DL.

4. Red Sox 20-12
Still waiting on Big Papi to get into a groove.

5. Brewers 18-14
Hoffman now 5-for-5 in save opportunities. Looks like staying healthy is his only concern.

6. Reds 18-14
If pitching staff stays this good, management owes it to fans and players to bolster offense at deadline.

7. Royals 18-14
Angels figured out only way to beat Greinke -- 1-0.

8. Tigers 17-13
Justin Verlander has allowed one run over last 23 innings.

9. Mets 17-14
And just like that they're back on top of the East.

10. Marlins 17-15
Hanley Ramirez starting to heat up. Hopefully it's contagious and Dan Uggla catches it.

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