Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why transfer to Division II?

There has been a lot of Internet speculation that former Kentucky Wildcat forward AJ Stewart may potentially transfer to play for the Norse. At this point there is no solid evidence that this rumor is true but if Stewart did transfer to the Norse he would not be the first Division I player to do so. Many players transfer down to Division II after a couple of years on the Division I level to get more playing time and display their talents for international and NBA scouts. You will not find major D-I talents making the move to a lower level, however, you do see a many players who rarely see the floor make the jump and immediately become a starter. Below you will find the list of players that have transferred to NKU from Division I schools dating back to the 2001-2002 season:

G- Dustin McGuire: St. Louis
F- Tanner Jacobs: Kennesaw State
G- DeAaron Williams: Wisconsin
G- Dennis Gagai: West Virginia
F- A'Daeron Duncan: Coppin State
F- Vincent Humphrey: Valparaiso
G- Anthony Teague: New Mexico
G- Steven Wright: Bowling Green State
C- James Cripe: Dayton
C- Gavin Ludgood: Florida Atlantic
F- Derek Smith: Kentucky *(Played Football)
G- Jared Ronai: UNC Asheville
G- Adam Howell: Ohio University
F- Quentin Smith: Morehead State
C- Chris Seabrooks: Pitt

Although the numbers are seriously skewed it is possible for Division II players to make it to the NBA. The most famous Division II player in the NBA has been Ben Wallace who played for Virginia Union. Other NCAA Division II notable players in the NBA have been:
Ben Wallace- Virginia Union
Charles Oakley- Virginia Union
Larry Smith- Alcorn State
Darrell Armstrong- Fayetville State
Manute Bol- Bridgeport
Wayne Cooper- New Orleans
Mario Elie- American International
Jerome Kersey- Longwood
Rick Mahorn- Hampton
Haywoode Workman- Winston-Salem St.


SHU said...

What about Scottie Pippen out of Central Arkansas, common!

Adam said...

I am pretty sure that they were NAIA when he went there.

Matt said...

You are correct in that Scottie Pippen went to Central Arkansas when they were an NAIA...he walked on to the team and was actually 6'1 at the time...by his senior year, he was 6'8

And you forgot about another DII player, Kebu Stewart from Cal State Bakersfield, who single handedly defeated NKU in the DII National Championship

Adam said...

I remember him, but he did nothing in the NBA. There have been about 50 or so players from DII play in the NBA I tried to just point out some noteable names. Only NKU fans would remember Stewart.