Monday, May 4, 2009

John Wall's List of Schools

John Wall has yet to narrow his list of potential schools and told a reporter with that he will probably narrow that list next week. Wall was scheduled to visit NC Central this weekend but did not end up making the visit. No real shock because I would not think that Wall would have much of an interest playing Division II but Wall played for their new coach and was more than likely doing him a favor. Most would prognosticate that Wall's list is down to Duke, Kentucky, Miami, and Florida. But as we have seen with Wall, only he really knows. A lot of the reason why Wall's recruitment has carried on this long is because he shut it down last year due to his mother being hospitalized with an illness. There have been a lot of questions surrounding Wall's academic eligibility which is still yet to be determined. Either way this kid is keeping a lot of people in the basketball community on their toes. Wall should be able to take his time and make the decision. In my outside opinion, don't be surprised if you see Wall in Miami. He is a one and done guy without a doubt, and wouldn't you rather spend that one in South Beach? He can win with Miami, maybe not a National Championship but at least get them to the tournament.

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Matt said...

The kid seems a lot like todays premadonna "all about me" athlete..... Another guy that wants all the press, all the accolades, the superman mentality, and the invinsibility as well

I wonder if his recent arrest made public today will have any impact on his image or his plans