Saturday, May 16, 2009

Joey Votto's 2009 All-Star Game Chances

Joey Votto is currently putting up stellar numbers for the surprising Cincinnati Reds. The question is if Votto keeps up with this pace will he be an all-star? You would think a .373 average, which currently ranks 2nd in the National League would be enough. Also, a .477 on-base percentage isn't to shabby. Where would the Reds be without Votto's consistent bat?

Problem is there's a difference between whether a player should get voted in and what will happen come all-star voting time. First-base in the National League has the most depth out of any position in all of Major League Baseball. How is Votto suppose to compete with the likes of Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Lance Berkman, Adrian Gonzalez and Price Fielder? The answer is..... he won't. Not to mention that since this is fan voting you'll probably see Carlos Delgado and Derek Lee towards the top because the Mets and Cubs fans control the voting polls in the National League.

This brings me to my next question, is it time to get rid of fan-voting? Aren't you tired of seeing a bunch of Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs start every year during the All-Star Game? As a kid I remember one of the most fun things to do at Reds games was to punch your ballot for your favorite all-stars. Now, the majority of the votes come online from people who vote numerous time for players from there favorite team. Did Kosuke Fukudome deserve to start or even be in the game last year..... no way. It's not just Fukudome, players that don't deserve to step foot on the field happens every year. What should Major League Baseball do about this?

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