Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How big can this be for Kentucky?

With Kentucky signing the #1 recruit in the country John Wall they will potentially propel themselves back into national prominence. But not only that, Wall can become an NBA Lottery pick in 2010 and become one of the highest drafted Kentucky players if he can reach the potential level that is speculated. So I was curious to evaluate the NBA Draft and how Kentucky has fared throughout the years. I found some data online regarding Kentucky and the NBA draft. The numbers are from 1949-2008 draft history (1949 was the first year they did the traditional round robin format)

Kentucky Wildcats
Total NBA draft picks: 35
Total First round draft picks: 23
Total Second round draft picks: 12

Kentucky has only had three first round picks in the 2000's (Jamal Magloire, Teyshaun Prince, and Rajon Rondo) With this recruiting class and the current talent at Kentucky I could see that number exploding in 2010. With Patterson, Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, and Orton all projected to be top players in the country and Meeks could come back and make himself a first rounder.

Also, John Wall is projected to be the first pick of the 2010 NBA Draft. (Obviously this doesn't mean anything right now) But, if Wall were the first overall pick in the NBA draft he would become the first player in Kentucky Wildcat history to accomplish this feat. The closest Kentucky has had was two #2 picks (Alex Groza and Sam Bowie)

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