Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Willie Anderson Placed on Reserved/Retired List

Willie Anderson has possibly reached the end of a Hall of Fame caliber career on the Offensive Line. Anderson was placed on the Reserved/Retired List by the Ravens meaning if Anderson were to return to Football the Ravens would have the rights to his contract. Willie Anderson was the first round pick of the Bengals in 1996 and a four time pro-bowler. In my opinion the offensive line is the most important component of any football team and Anderson was far too long the unsung hero of a very bad Bengals team. I think if Anderson had played for the Patriots or Packers he would be heralded as one of the best to play his position. Unfortunately Anderson played for some very bad Bengals teams in the past. Willie Anderson is my favorite football player of all time, so much that I wore his jersey at my wedding. It's a sad day for football if Anderson calls it quits but the shelf life of NFL lineman is very short.

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SHU said...

Willie was great. I say in honor of Willie we make a trip to Fat Burger this week, who's with me?